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08 Apr 2024
Matteo brioni exterior clay plaster exterio walls_ Elementi Concept

Harmonising Luxury and Ecology

The exterior walls of the spa are adorned with TerraTon Wall plaster, a material chosen for its natural composition and its ability to blend with the surrounding environment. Made from natural pozzolan clay, cement, and fine-grained mineral binders, the plaster is custom-colored to reflect the green hues of the Alentejo landscape.

06 Apr 2024
matteo brioni clay plaster applied on walls_ Elementi concept

Matteo Brioni’s Clay Plaster Finishes: A Testament to Sustainable Luxury

Adorning the villa’s walls and ceilings, TerraVista fine grain clay plaster, chosen in a tranquil Cream shade, plays a pivotal role in elevating the space with its soothing palette and texture. This selection underscores the commitment to blending aesthetic beauty with environmental consciousness.

24 Feb 2024

Matteo Brioni’s Clay Plaster for the Expansion of the Molteni Pavilion in Giussano

Drawing inspiration from the company’s rich heritage, Van Duysen has meticulously curated a palette of natural materials, infusing the space with warmth and character. The use of TerraTon and TerraVista finishing plasters by MATTEOBRIONI not only adds depth to the walls but also creates a sense of timeless elegance that permeates every corner of the compound.

16 Aug 2023
Matteo-Brioni_Natural Clay Plaster_Locanda-Remare_Cesenatico_Elementi Concept

Evoking Timeless Elegance: The Artistry of Natural Clay Plaster Wall Finishes at Locanda Remare

In the heart of Cesenatico, the captivating story of Locanda Remare unfolds—a tale where architectural artistry and natural beauty unite to create an enchanting haven. At the core of this transformation lies Matteo Brioni’s raw earth (natural clay) plaster, an embodiment of elegance, texture, and authenticity that sets Locanda Remare apart.

So let‘s dive in: