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Welcome to Your Bottega D’Interni

bot·te·ga | bōˈtāgə the studio or workshop of a major artist

In·ter·ni | /ɪntɹni/ - Interior

D’interni home interiors

Welcome to your Bottega d’Interni. An artisan’s very own workshop, where creativity is ignited, and art comes to life.

Staying true to our heritage, where a client walks through our doors and gets the full experience. Bottega d’interni is our Italian concept, brought to Australian soil, that allows a client to attend to their bathroom, kitchen and interior needs, under one artisan roof.

“The collaboration between Italian designers and artisans is at the heart of everything we do. Our philosophy ensures we use the highest quality materials which remain durable, in the face of wear for years to come. And our creative designs remain relevant in style throughout the life of our loyal clientele.” - Giovanni Giannace, Elementi Concept’s Director and Founder.

So much more than a mere workspace, Bottega d’Interni is the passion that courses through our veins and is the guiding philosophy that places you at the forefront of our craft.

At Elementi Concept, you can expect to receive authentic fabrication and innovative, bespoke designs tailored to your individual needs. Bottega d’interni represents the essence of Elementi Concept - the artful design and fine craftsmanship that has established Elementi as the leading made in Italy atelier of kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes and living spaces.

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"Next level cabinetry !...
Giovani brings “old school” service back, the attention to detail in his cabinetry is meticulous and his sense of style is on-point.
I cannot imagine working with another cabinetmaker going forward.
Thanks for all your hard work Giovanni"

Russell Quinn | East Fremantle

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Elementi Concept Luxury Kitchen_Bespoke Kitchen
Elementi Concept Luxury Kitchen_Bespoke Kitchen
Elementi Concept Luxury Kitchen_Bespoke Kitchen
Elementi Concept Luxury Kitchen_Bespoke Kitchen