Clay Plaster Finishes

Domus Ru apartment in Rome by MORQ, made with MultiTerra Wabi Sale Grigio, photo by Giulio Aristide
Matteo Brioni_ Elementi Concept_ Perth

Natural clay for Walls and Floors

Matteo Brioni’s earth is the result of a meticulous pre-selection of clays and aggregates originating from various territories and blended together to obtain different chromatic, tactile, and functional qualities.

Why Clay?

Clay is the natural building material par excellence. Furthermore, depending on the mineral content in its composition, clay has several properties: it is remineralizing, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, absorbent and anti-toxic, it soothes sore muscles, as well as purifies and softens skin. Matteo Brioni’s clay's differences in tonality, saturation, grain size, absorption and workability are intrinsic characteristics that make each of your environments unique and unrepeatable.