Evoking Timeless Elegance: The Artistry of Natural Clay Plaster Wall Finishes at Locanda Remare

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The Artistry of Natural Clay Plaster Wall Finishes at Locanda Remare

In the heart of Cesenatico, the captivating story of Locanda Remare unfolds—a tale where architectural artistry and natural beauty unite to create an enchanting haven. At the core of this transformation lies Matteo Brioni's raw earth (natural clay) plaster, an embodiment of elegance, texture, and authenticity that sets Locanda Remare apart.

So let‘s dive in:

In the bustling Italian coastal town of Cesenatico, where history whispers through the cobbled streets and the scent of the sea dances in the air, a unique project has emerged that seamlessly weaves tradition, innovation, and elegance. Guido Musante brings to light the enchanting journey of Locanda Remare, a fish restaurant with rooms, where the magic of architectural collaboration blooms. Collaborators Francesco Gasperini and Giacomo Domeniconi share their tale of rekindling family traditions, reclaiming heritage, and crafting an environment that epitomizes the heart and soul of Cesenatico.

Sculpting a Dream Amidst the Waves

Giacomo Domeniconi recounts the roots of Locanda Remare, tracing it back to 1946 when his grandparents established the pioneering Osteria Ponte del Gatto, heralding the era of catering on the Porto Canale Leonardesco. Fast forward to today, and Giacomo and his partner Alessandra are passionately redefining the family legacy, breathing life into Locanda Remare. A sea of transformations has swept over the establishment, converting it into a seafood haven that also offers a cozy room-and-breakfast experience.

Collaboration: Where Tradition and Vision Converge

The real magic begins when Giacomo and Alessandra join forces with architect and friend, Francesco Gasperini. Their partnership bridges the gap between family heritage and contemporary design, blending personal experiences with a vision for the future. Francesco, known for his architectural prowess, brought his creative touch to the project while valuing the significance of letting the space evolve naturally.

Texture, Variability, and Natural Harmony

The heart of Locanda Remare beats in its meticulously designed interior, where the walls tell tales of tradition, transformation, and timelessness. Raw earth plaster, the protagonist of this story, elegantly dances across the surfaces, bringing depth, texture, and an unparalleled sense of authenticity. Guido Musante delves into the enchanting conversation between Francesco Gasperini and Giacomo Domeniconi, shedding light on the design philosophy and choices that make this project truly exceptional.

The Alchemy of Materiality

Raw earth plaster, lovingly curated by Matteo Brioni, transcends mere aesthetics. Francesco and Giacomo's shared fascination with this material led to a palette of shades that resonate with the environment and create a sense of harmony. The custom-designed bas-relief walls in the guest rooms, each named after earthy hues, are a testament to the uniqueness and personalization that sets Locanda Remare apart.

Harmonious Blending of Materials

In the grand tapestry of Locanda Remare's design, natural clay plaster stands as a seamless companion to other carefully chosen elements. Canaletto walnut wood, with its ethereal warmth, intertwines with the plaster, embracing the rustic charm and refined luxury of the space. Flamed blue sheet metal graces the reception and bar counters, adding a touch of fire and life to the environment.

Bridging the Past and Present

Giacomo Domeniconi and Alessandra's commitment to preserving history manifests in a splayed brick wall discovered during the renovation process. This raw, weathered artefact becomes an integral part of the design, a living tribute to the passage of time, much like the raw earth plaster that gracefully adorns the interiors.

A Symphony of Memory and Craftsmanship

In this sea-side haven, design is not a static entity; it's a dynamic experience that evolves with every visit. The sense of dynamism is infused into the very essence of Locanda Remare, with varied furnishings, layout, and finishes. Each design choice reflects the desire to capture the spirit of "informal luxury," echoing the richness of tradition through a contemporary lens.

Rowing Towards Timeless Beauty

The enchanting narrative of Locanda Remare takes us on a voyage through time and design philosophy, all the while celebrating the partnership between tradition and innovation. Francesco Gasperini and Giacomo Domeniconi masterfully navigate the waters of architectural reinvention, cultivating an environment that gracefully balances textures, colours, and memories. Their journey, encapsulated in raw earth plaster and artistic craftsmanship, stands as a testament to the beauty of preserving heritage while forging a new path forward.

Final Thoughts: Capturing the Essence of Raw Earth Plaster

Our natural clay plaster isn't just a surface—it's a sensory experience. Its organic textures, warm hues, and tactile qualities bring nature indoors, creating spaces that breathe and resonate. Unlike cookie-cutter finishes, raw earth plaster offers a customizable canvas where your unique vision can flourish. Every application tells a story, and every wall embodies character. It's a living testament to the interplay between design and nature, tradition and innovation.

If the idea of infusing your spaces with the charm and authenticity of natural clay plaster resonates with you, we're here to guide you. Reach out to us to start a conversation.

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Article source: Clay Talks Episode #4: Francesco Gasperini + Giacomo Domeniconi - Guido Musante

Photos: Angelo Ciccolo

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