Harmonising Luxury and Ecology

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Harmonizing Luxury and Ecology: The Malhadinha Nova Hotel and Its Matteo Brioni Exterior Finishes

In the heart of Alentejo, Portugal, the Malhadinha Nova Hotel has introduced a spa designed by the acclaimed architect Manuel Aires Mateus, marking a new chapter in sustainable luxury. This addition is notable for its use of Matteo Brioni's natural finishes, particularly the TerraTon Wall finishing plaster applied to the exterior walls, which showcases the hotel's commitment to natural aesthetics and environmental harmony.

Covering 110 square meters, the spa is designed as a haven of wellness, incorporating elements that connect guests with nature. It includes features such as an emotional shower, treatment rooms, and a sauna, all offering views of the stunning landscape. This integration of indoor and outdoor spaces is further enhanced by the choice of materials, with Matteo Brioni's natural clay finishes playing a central role.

The exterior walls of the spa are adorned with TerraTon Wall plasterTerra Ton Wall, a material chosen for its natural composition and its ability to blend with the surrounding environment. Made from natural pozzolan clay, cement, and fine-grained mineral binders, the plaster is custom-colored to reflect the green hues of the Alentejo landscape. This choice is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, as it relates to the surrounding soil and embodies the idea of aging gracefully, according to Aires Mateus.

The Malhadinha Nova stands as a model of how luxury and sustainability can coexist, with the spa serving as a testament to the use of natural materials in creating spaces that are both beautiful and environmentally responsible. Through the use of Matteo Brioni finishes the hotel emphasises its dedication to sustainability and biophilic design, inviting guests to experience a deep connection with nature in a setting of unparalleled tranquillity and beauty.

If exploring the synergy between aesthetic beauty and ecological harmony in your architectural projects sparks your interest, we invite you to engage with our experts for a Complimentary Consultation. Discover how Matteo Brioni's natural exterior wall finishes can transform your spaces into models of sustainable elegance.

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