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East Fremantle New Build | Case Study

The importance of being Honest

Case Study : The Importance of Being Honest

Award Winner| HIA Regional Kitchen of the Year 2018.

Project Overview:

Elementi Concept, under the direction of Designer and Director Giovanni Giannace, was tasked with designing and building a new kitchen for a new build in East Fremantle for Mr. and Mrs. Quinn. The work of architect Marcio Kogan inspired the house concept, and the clients were looking for a kitchen that incorporated honest materials such as wood, concrete, steel, and natural finishes. The clients were open to design options and finishes, and Elementi Concept was able to deliver a stunning kitchen that exceeded their expectations.

Design and Execution:

The intent of the kitchen concept was to use natural materials such as wood and steel with an aged appearance, while also emphasizing modern design through a tactile experience. Elementi Concept proposed the use of stainless steel “Peltrox” for the kitchen, which presented a pattern with lots of movement and marks that perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment. The proposed timber was a natural European Oak finish, which matched the already selected finishes of the house.

The kitchen area was planned on a very long wall, and the design was focused on creating interest through the use of different heights and materials. This concept gave Elementi Concept the opportunity to use different materials to define specific areas of use, such as incorporating an innovative “Pocket door” system in one of the tall units to hide small appliances and free up the benchtop for better use.

The real concrete island benchtop was a standout feature, specifically engineered to have a 2200mm overhang to achieve a floating effect. The benchtop seamlessly integrated with the island cabinetry below, including the timber reed cladding on the upstand, rangehood surround, and bulkhead.

Challenges and Solutions:

One of the main challenges of this project was achieving the precision required for the concrete island benchtop. Good communication between Elementi Concept and the building manager was necessary to ensure that no scribes or trimming were used and that the final result was impeccable. This was a fantastic example of cooperation, where time and precision were of the utmost importance.


The final result of this project was a stunning kitchen that was recognized by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) as the Regional Kitchen of the Year 2018. The judges praised Elementi Concept for their outstanding work, noting that the complexity of the project and the workmanship were the best they had seen. In their official statement, the judges said, "Elementi Home (Elementi Concept) had done an absolutely outstanding job on the kitchen, with nothing that could be faulted, and considered the complexity of the project and workmanship was the best they had seen. The concrete cantilevered benchtop seamlessly integrated with the island cabinetry below, including the timber reed cladding to the upstand, rangehood surround and bulkhead."

The clients were thrilled with the outcome, praising ElementiConcept for their attention to detail and use of high-quality materials and workmanship. The kitchen perfectly embodied the design concept of honest materials and modern design, creating a tactile experience for the homeowners to enjoy.

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