Passionate about Food...

Elementi Catering creates unique, memorable and utterly beautiful Events.

We are a team of chefs, stylists, event managers & hospitality professionals based in Perth’s Western Suburbs.

Passionate about delicious and well executed food, we create atmosphere, ambiance and every detail is considered.

Think canapés & finger food, lavish & abundant banquets, grazing stations, or even a garden picnic. Whatever  the

occasion, big or small, our menus are tailored to your vision, and help make your unique event feel extra special for

you and your guests!

Take a look to our Spring - Summer Menu and contact Us today for all details


mobile: 0450 472 299


Spring / Summer 2017/2018







Salmon Tataki, nori salt, ginger gel v. gf


Silken tofu, spring onions, tamari sauce, julienned ginger, bonito flakes and sesame seeds    v. gf


Petit fillet mignon on croute, pesto & parmesan


Poached chicken on rice, soy chili paste, carrot julienne


Lotus root crisps, balsamic caviar v. gf


Broadbeans , Potatoes, coriander,  jalapeno Tostadas


Roasted lamb, chips, feta, oregano gf


Seared scallop, garden pea puree


Oysters three ways  v. gf

Seared Scallops, crunchy chorizo  gf

Seared scallop, garden pea puree

Roasted cauliflowers florets, sezchuan pepper, pumpkin pure,  crunchy nuts







Gourmet fish & chips, house made lemon mayo    v.


Truffled wild mushrooms, goat curd, hand baked polenta   v. gf


Coconut & gf crumb King prawns, homemade lime mayo


Pulled Pork Baby Taco, corn salad, chipotle mayo


Fish Taco, guacamole, cilantro, sour cream v


Deep fried scallops Kataifi v


Corn pillows, Asian sauce v


Chimichurri charred lamb skewers







Pumpkin and feta Arancini, salsa verde v


Seasonal vegetarian baby quiches v 


House made sausage roll, spicy tomato relish


House made ricotta and spinach roll, spicy tomato relish v


Pecking duck pancakes, star anise plum sauce


Crispy Zucchini baby muffins


Assorted finger sandwich



BOWL ME OVER served individually



Quinoa salad, baby spinach, pepitas, dried fruits


Gaspacho, crispy croutes


Grain and pulses cold salad, coriander, red onion, dried cranberries, yogurt


Harissa spiced lamb shoulder, warm freekeh, crispy zucchini and mint salad (WITH VEG OPTION)


Lamb saag curry, spiced pilaf rice, yogurt (WITH VEG OPTION)  gf


Beef Brasato, soft polenta, gremolata (WITH VEG OPTION)  gf.

Pumpkin soup, coconut, lemongrass, coriander  v,gf








Crème patissiere, passion fruit tartlets v


Chocolate mousse


Coconut Sugar , Lemon and maple merengue raw tart gf


Raw chocolate & Raspberry bites gf


Pumpkin pannacotta, sage & walnuts praline gf


Lemon pannacotta, raspberries coulis gf


Cinnamon and Doughnuts Pearls


Baklava cigars, honey tzatziki




 Minimum order: 30pz per selection and a minimum of 6 selection (180pz)

 Dietary:  V   Vegetarian

              gf   Gluten free